Tell me what he thinks

When I visited my favorite Gallery is called Albertina in Vienna, I have discovered for myself «The burning heart of spring harmony*. (in love)».

I felt a great fear of this story, the story of the romantic, who had never made a mistake before this spring. He experienced his great love and lost it several times together with Pushkin, Solgenycen and other Heroes, but this spring he met his first true love for the first time.

Tell me more, what are you feeling now?

The one, please, keep my every word for the future. Let, please, the silence be born and live.

— I see a big world in my little brain, I see the sun in dark night, I see tenderness between strong lines, I see an incredible being

… I have known all this before, but for the first time I have the opportunity to understand it. S

So that is a reason of my fear. Fear of happiness, which I cant catch once and for all, but I can feel every moment I think about…her.

She is a beauty. She exists.

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